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tv   News  ABC  July 29, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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is on time. it was delayed five minutes passing by bowie state. we are doing okay. overnight construction is over. 695 at liberty road through the construction area, the outer loop to the left of the screen moving well. no incidents in your way. still have a couple disabled vehicles. 50 westbound at the severn river bridge and 29 southbound at baltimore national pike in the left lane. stay to the right. charley. police in howard county want to know who killed a 3- year-old boy and this morning linda so is here with the latest on the murder investigation. >> reporter: well, detectives have been piecing together information but so far they have not made any arrests. what they do know is someone suffocated the little boy. 3-year-old elijah lajenness lived in this area. back in april, a family member called 911 and when rescue crews got there, the boy was unconscious and not breathing. he died at the hospital. a medical examiner says the boy
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was suffocated. online court reports show the parents divorced last year. we talked to a woman who says she used to baby sit for elijah and says he seemed to have problems with a male relative who appeared to be abusive with him. baby silter doesn't believe the mother had anything to do with the death. >> -- sitter doesn't believe the mother had anything to do with the death. >> she had a lot of patience with him. >> reporter: so far no suspects have been named. the investigation is ongoing. linda so, abc2 news. news around the nation this morning, frightening smash and grab job caught on tape. this is a jewelry store in los angeles. and the suspects came in and start stod smash the case -- started to smash the case and used pepper spray. you see this caught on tape they walked away with 7 grand of costume jewelry and there have been a series of robberies like this and they believe the suspects all belong to the same gang. >> they came past so fast i thought it's not going to be good. >> a terrifying moment.
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an air show in osh kosh, wisconsin. an f-16 crashed into the grass field. this video is straight from the incident. you can see the plane coming down on the runway and suddenly that runway ends and the jet flies into the grass coming down nose down. the pilot was able to get out right away and is doing just fine. the department of defense will be investigating the incident. . they are tooting and waving and we are waving back. >> it was exciting. and it was really a fun way to end it because of all the hoopla. >> unusual sign along the rush hour for drivers in the massachusetts turnpike. they witnessed a hot air balloon emergency landing. there were six people on board when the pilot realized it wouldn't land in the field off to the right. it started going straight towards the turnpike and they landed safely and it didn't slow traffic too much. it was removed within 30 minutes. today it's all about the dogs and it's caused barka ritaville.
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the maryland spca is sponsoring a wine and wag happy hour and linda so is live with the details -- >> reporter: we are live here at the maryland spca and let me tell you, we are ready for the fun to kick off with the wine and wag happy hour. it kicks off 5:30 to 7:30 tonight. actually, aileen gabbey is herefrom the maryland spca. what is going on? i am excited. i have a puppy and i think i might have to bring her out. it sounds like a lot of fun. what's going on? >> maryland spca is holed hosting a wine and wag and the theme is barkaritaville. so people withk visit for more information. it's at tonight at 5:30 at downtown dog. we normally have it on our property so people can see the new building but it's too hot today. so downtown dog is very nicely hosting us. >> reporter: and i understand you have this a couple times a year it's big fund-raiser.
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>> it's a fund-raiser he and it really helps. we adopt out over 3,000 animals a year and spay and neuter over 8,000 so we have to raise money to do that. the tickets for the event are $10 in advance from the website. you can do that. or $15 at the door. >> reporter: and what can people expect there? you bring your pooch out and it's one dog per person. need to be on a leash. what kind of activities? >> there's lots of activities for people and the pets. so, drinks for people and treats for the pets also. they can have fun. and then activities like canine pool party. they have a nice pool at downtown dogs so they can jump in and swim. there's play areas set aside. so we will have lots of activities for the dogs. >> reporter: wonderful. and we have raven here. we have to get rave ann home. >> raven is -- raven a home. >> raven is up for adoption. 6 years old, he is look for a home today. >> reporter: let's get raven adopted here. what a fun event tonight. we will have to a come and see what's going on.
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she would throive see raven. charley -- love to see raveen. charley you have to bring os -- raven. charley you have to bring oscar newt my apology for calling you linda so. that was sherrie johnon. a terminal cancer patient's wish. the gift a virginia woman received a few weeks late. and the latest on the soldier gone awol and believed to have been planning an attack on a u.s. military base. we will the details coming up. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. big story this morning is about tropical tomorrow don. we are watching it in the gulf of mexico work its way back to the northwest and to the south of corpsous cysty. almost -- corpus christi. wind currently 50 miles per hour. -- winds currently 50 miles per hour. the track of the storm will be in a relatively rural area. this is a beneficial storm and it's a good thing. it will come with 5 inches of rain, some higher amounts up to 7 in the path. it will come with 60, 65-mile-
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per-hour winds heading into the overnight. this will be jut after -- just after midnight and strong windsand tree damage and power line damage down there but they can handle storm like them and down into the 30-mile-per-hour range -- like this. and down into the 30-mile-per- hour range. they have a drought issue in south texas that you won't believe and this will help not end it. but it will help. we have rain over eastern maryland. hot and sticky. heat advisory up to 98, the two degree guaranteed high. weekend weather in a moment. here tonya. >> reporter: 9 -- tanya. >> reporter: we had an earlierdidn't but we are okay in between the beltways. 95 just south of the beltway. this is north of 195, we are doing okay here. the traffic to the right of your screen is the outer loop traffic which is a little bit heavier. disabled vehicle that's been there for a while, 50 westbound at severn river bridge not causing a delay. 29 southbound at baltimore national pike is in the left labor. stay to the right.
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charley. 5:39. a virginia woman with terminal cancer was told she had 5 months to live and one of her wishes was to watch the independence fireworks with her son. medical emergency stopped that on july 4th but a community came together to give hear fireworks display of her own in her backyard. >> it was not about the fireworks but seeing the fireworks in cade ann eyes. >> her story is -- kaden's eyes. >> her story is you need to cherish every day and take time to let the ones around you know you love them. >> a local fire department put on the show and made her son an honorary firefighter. check your medicine cabinet. if you have extra strength tile non-- tylenol, listen up. what they are changing about the recommended daily doseage. no comprise on the debt ceiling -- no comprise on the debt ceiling. people are starting to get nervous on capitol hill.
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5:43. four days and counting. not much time left for congress to reach a deal on the debt
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ceiling. linda so is here with what happened last night now making people so nervous. linda. >> reporter: well, just minutes before the house was supposed to vote on john banener's plan, it was postponed. boehner didn't have enough support to get it passed. that means we are now four days away from the government possibly defaulting on the bills. s at world waits for the congress to come to a compromise the stock markets are react. the dow fell again. if a deal is not reached by next tuesday, we could be facing higher interest rates, a declining dollar and a partial government shutdown. we were hearing all day yesterday that boehner was having a tough time getting conservative party members to vote for the bill to raise the ceiling and make cuts in government. but by the end of the day, he could not get enough support. night -- it's unclear if they will try again today. house republican and senate democrats will have a separate meeting first thing this morning. now some democrats say a way with this compromise and think
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congress should raise the debt ceiling himself and leave congress out by invoke the 14th amendment guaranteeing the government will pay its debt. linda so, abc2 news. >> it could have been another fort hood attack. a sold year with weapons stashed at a motel room near the base admitted he was planning an attack. it's where 13 people died in a mass shoot and the soldier was awol for three weeks and he he says was answeringry over charges he faced for possessing child porn emmett says he was charged because he was trying to leave the u.s. army. a nuclear regulatory system says the federal inspectors found security deficiency at nuclear power plant. they couldn't reveal what was found or why the inspection was conducted between january and july. the spokesman said "at least a low to moderate significance" that was further. constellation energy which
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operates the reactors 70 miles south of baltimore says the deficiencies were promptly corrected. a federal grand jury is endieted a presidential historian and hess assistant for stealing and selling historical documents. initial appearance were scheduled for friday in u.s. district court in baltimore. barry landau and jason savedoff were arrested after a employee saw savedoff take a document out of the society's baltimore library. the u.s. attorney's office says baltimore attorney has been sent ened to five years for child porch. david goanld -- porn. david goldstein will have to register as sex offender. goldstein was seen logged onto a public site sharing 1500 documents. agent down load 22 image and 6 videos from his files all containing minors involved in sex acts. prosecutors say the arrest was conducted under project safe childhood a. initiative against
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child sexual explore station. well if you have -- exploitation. if you have tylenol, listen up, the maximum recommended dose is about to be dropped. instead of 8 pills, you should now take 6 a day. that's bent change recommended from the provider -- that's been the change recommended from the provider because of fierce of over-- fears of overdose and the key ingredients that people are trying to mix with other meds that contain the ingredient. >> it can kill people when used in large doses. so trying to reduce the doses people use is very wise. >> it is the leading cause of liver failure in the u.s. and tylenol is expected to release a new doseage guideline coming up this fall. well baltimore heads to gotham for a 3-game set with the yankees. hardy had 4 home runs to no
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avail. if you want to catch the ravens game, you can buy tickets next week. they announced single game tickets will on sale next friday at 10 in the morning. since 2001 single game tickets sold out within 15 minutes. you can buy tickets online or by phone. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast cert pied most accurate by -- certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we are looking for another hot, sticky day, and we will push the threshold of the heat and the plugs and also the possibility of even getting a record here. we are looking at 87 what we normally expect on this 29th day of july. we made it up to 91 with the cloud cover and we are going for a higher mark today. the 99 spot on this date back in 1954. sun comes up at 6:04 and goes down at 8:22.
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checking out satellite radar composit, we have been watching clouds and rain come out ofpennsylvania and go through northeastern maryland. it has been clipping harford and cecil county and portions of the eastern shore through kent county and delaware. that's where it's been. a trough and boundary swings through, and the heat builds on the other side. the wind out of the west southwest. that's a warm, muggy flow and that's going to aid and assist in the dangerous quality of the air this afternoon. we are going to watch the radar fire up. a disturbance to the north likely to drop south in the areas that got wet overnight and could do it again tonight. and probably around sunset we will be watching showers and storms develop out of pennsylvania. it could drop again. it could reach carroll county, baltimore, harford and cecil county. and watching the storms diminish during the overnight, they will still -- there will still be the threat of rain in baltimore and down to annapolis and maybe, maybe down through rock hall or easton before
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midnight. those storms will go poof and fade away and give way to just a hot day on saturday with a limited amount of storms firing up. it's hot and sticky. here's the deal. for today, 98 is the two degree guaranteed high. one off the pace of the record. we will be close. a heat advisory with the heat index 105 to 110 and code orange air quality. not fun, and not safe for many to be outside. but those of you that have to work outdoors, plenty of fluids. we did the drill last week. the same old thing and not nearly as hot as the 100 dough grow readings we were -- degree readings we were dealing with. a chance of a evening storm between 8 and midnight a chance for storms. and over the weekend, high 95 going into saturday, 93 on sunday. and the afternoon storms just scattered and low to mid-90s through next week. >> reporter: i have good news and bad news. mixed bag with traffic. let's look first at 50 at i-97
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in parole. no problems to report here. the westbound traffic is coming towards the screen. the good news is 50 westbound at severn river bridge isth vehicle is gone. -- bridge, the vehicle is gone. the only other accident is moved out of the road. but the bad news is there's a new accident at 295 on the outer loop on the right shoulder. stay to the left as you pass. a few people are watching it and slowing down as they pass by. charley. coming, they entertain and terrify us. you can't turn away. where to watch these daredevils on their bikes and skateboard straight ahead. and i will take surgery for 1,000. a game show host who recently fought off a burglar is going under the knife this morning. you are watching, "good morning maryland" news time 5:51. thanks for waking up with us.
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five things to know before heading out door. amid the debt debate later this morning, president obama will unveil fuel economy standards to begin in 2017. those standards double current requirements to 55 miles per gallon and gives automakers leeway towards keeping building profitable suvs and pickup. i did buick, iowa is in flood control. storm dumped more than a foot of rain flooding streets, homes and businesses. the governor says they sustained more than a million dollars in damages. the fb-i is getting involved in the case of a 11- year-old girl missing for three days. she was seen monday when she went to bed. authorities have yet to issue an amber alert because they consider it a missing person's case. jeopardy host alex trebek is scheduled for surgery today after his a-- he hrt has achilles tendon after running after someone who stole items
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from his hotel room. the suspect for is in custody. summer x-games come to l.a. it opened staples center last night and all the crazy -- crazy sports like skateboarding. one of the hottest young skaters in the 14-year-old from seattle the games continue throughout the weekend. sure highlights will be made a- - i am sure highlights will be made available. tropical tomorrow don istaking aim at corpus christi texas. residents are making preparation for the ran to arrive. and an engineer says he has device to detect problems before a bridge collapse and how it can be used coming up. and britain's wild child takes on a new role. where you will find prince harry's new character starting next month. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. news time is 5:56. a live look at atlanta, georgia.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." a 3-year-old boy is murderedin howard county. how police say he died. this cat was set on fire and this is the third cat this year that has been set on fire, which is disturbing is this is a kitten. >> this morning an update on how hope is doing and how you can help in her recovery. gl. >> reporter: raven is in a festive mood. i am -- i am sherrie johnson. find out how to get in the spirit in the wine and wag happy hour. >> good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off for the weekend. let's look at the weekend forecast for the weekend with meteorologist justin berk. >> don't kick too hard because you might sl


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